Royal British Legion's Festival of Remembrance Tickets and Dates

Please note that all membership numbers will be checked for validity by RBL before tickets are confirmed and issued. Invalid numbers will be contacted, and tickets will be refunded.

If you are experiencing technical issues with purchasing your ticket, please visit the customer support centre which can be found at the bottom of the page.

More Information about Royal British Legion's Festival of Remembrance

In 2022, we will approach the Festival of Remembrance through the core values of 'service' which make our Armed Forces such an inspiration to all.

Through words, song, and storytelling, the Festival will reveal the qualities behind service which make it an essential part of life in the Armed Forces - and civil society: Placing others before oneself. Being reliable and trustworthy. Dedication to a higher purpose and commitment to seeing things through.

The nation is hopefully emerging from a long period of great difficulty when these qualities - or their absence - were viewed in high relief. The 2022 Festival will reinforce our admiration of the unfailing sense of service displayed by the Armed Forces and commemorate those who gave their service even at the cost of their lives.


Due to heightened security measure the Metropolitan Police will need to conduct individual security checks on all participants. Basic personal information will need to be provided in advance for each applicant during the accreditation process.

Ticket holders will need to bring with them both photographic ID and a document showing proof of Membership (where applicable) for access to the Royal Albert Hall via manned Police entry points on the day.


Lounge suit/day dress. Medals may be worn

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